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The solutions are based on the design of a specific and evolving range of packaging adapted to different security challenges.

KeepSafe is a range of packaging solutions suitable for the secure transport of valuables. They simplify the daily life of banks and shops .

These solutions also concern hospitals for the transport of samples, the police for exhibits, administrations for confidential documents.

KeepSafe solutions for the secure transport of valuables
  • Specific bags for banknotes , checks , currency and other securities.
  • Patented air bags for any pneumatic network.
  • Bags for all alternative systems facilitating denaturing of banknotes.
  • Payment bags validated by the Banque de France.
  • Bags Securasac collectors ® integrated into the chests and / or deposit machines sealed automatically when their withdrawals by the conveyors.
  • Safety adhesive labels and rolls.
  • Consumables: seals, loops, bracelets, counterfeit detectors.
  • A complete range covering all the values ​​to be transported.
  • Products of tailor-made solutions (bags suitable for pneumatic installations, self-sealing bags, etc.)
  • Openness to innovative technologies ( RFID Tag , oxo-biodegradable films).
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